What to Do if You Have Just Decided to Write a Book

Nicholas C. Rossis

This is a guest post by Lucy Adams of BuzzEssay.

What to Do if You Have Just Decided to Write a Book

Writing a Book by Lucy Adams | From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children's books Image: pixabay.com

Every person has something to say. If you feel your “something” is worth a whole book, don’t hold yourself back. The gift of writing is invaluable, so sit at the nearest table and start writing, taking into account these tips provided by Lucy Adams, one of BuzzEssay’s writers.

#1 Keep it a Secret

No matter how enthusiastic you may be, don’t tell everyone that you’re going to write a book or have already started writing. Very often, having just made a list of tasks or planned to do something, people rush to notify all friends and acquaintances. Then, the initial enthusiasm wears off and you’ll start hiding from well-meaning friends and relatives who ask when the release is. And when the book is finally out…

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Basics Every Indie Author Needs Before Publishing a Book – Guest Post…

Worth sharing.

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

Blog Post 2

When I published my first book, I didn’t see my writing as a business. It was just me doing what I’ve always wanted to do. However, as I began to learn and as I continue to learn, I quickly discovered why Self-Publishing requires so much work: It’s a business.

That doesn’t take away from the fun of it, but the realization did help me to become more organized. I quickly learned why no one was buying: I wasn’t working! Writing is working, technically, and I was doing plenty of that. However, I was not working on the skill of writing, researching my industry, understanding tips to help me to write better books, promoting, marketing, and everything in-between. I was writing, sure. But the business of writing? I didn’t even know it existed. I was a writer and that was all. When I got into the business of writing however, that’s…

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Life in a nutshell………..

Life for me has changed a lot for me this year. And the changes are still rolling in.  I’ve lost my father to cancer.  And in the process walked away from a few family members because he was the glue that held us together. Creating content on YouTube is still a focus for me, but for the time being I am taking a break.  Long story short I haven’t had enough footage to post anything since I’ve been too broke to go out and do things for my channel (The Redneck Goth). In terms of writing, my private journal is the only writing I have been doing as of late.

I know things will eventually get better in my life, but right now it’s difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Here’s hoping things don’t take as long as they should.


Who are the Picts? Scotlands DNA finds an answer.

Scotland in my Heart

.A recently discovered DNA marker suggests that 10% of Scottish men are directly descended from the Picts.


Many generations of historians have puzzled over what used to be called the problem of the Picts. Where did they come from? Who were they? Why did they seem to disappear from history?

ScotlandsDNA has found a marker that strongly suggests that they did not fade from the map of our history, and that in fact the Picts are alive, well and living amongst us!

How is it possible to know this? How does the science work?

We all inherit a great deal of DNA from our parents, 6 billion letters in all, but some of it can be very informative about our deep ancestry. Fathers pass on Y chromosome DNA to their sons and fatherlines can be reliably traced back through thousands of years.

Dr Jim Wilson, Chief Scientist for ScotlandsDNA, found…

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Professional courtesy

Another post worth sharing…………..

Take Five Authors

Recently I was asked what I meant when I termed something a ‘professional courtesy’ so I’ve decided to use my spot on Take Five Authors to explain it.

The News Building small Professional courtesy especially useful with your publisher

I’m an author. I consider myself a professional and I try hard to act professionally. In the course of my work I’m in contact with readers; publishers; agents and rights managers; promo and PR team members; bloggers; writers; conference, event and course organisers; booksellers; librarians; writing organisations; journalists and presenters; and a huge number of social media users. Obviously, all of these people can help or hinder my career but I’m not professionally courteous to them just because they’re useful to me – it’s because anything else would mean that I’m not doing my job well.

But the fact is that making myself easy to work with is advantageous to my career.

It’s surprising how…

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A serious discussion about sun stroke

Two on a Rant

sunshine The heat begins to rise the moment the sun peeks through the Florida foliage.

I want to take 3 minutes of your time to talk about a serious subject:  

Sun stroke.

My mom died from sun stroke. It was like Alzheimer’s happening over a period of one week.

As her brain swelled, she complained of a headache.  You might say, “so what, we all get headaches.” 

My mom was a teenager when the stock market crashed in 1929.  She’d just entered adulthood when the food riots began in 1931, and by the time she turned 20, the Great Depression was at its peak.  

The songs written during that time were meant to sprinkle tiny little sparkles of hope into otherwise dismal lives; songs like “Singin’ in the Rain,” and “Somewhere over the Rainbow.”

The 20-somethings of the Great Depression internalized 2 messages as they struggled to find hope:  

  1. “Every cloud…

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4 Quick Ways To Write A #BookReview And Overcome Your Fears #MondayBlogs

Rosie Amber

Authors WANT  Reviews

Make an Author's Day

Simple! How many times have you read pleas on social media for readers to write reviews? – Probably Loads.

Does the thought of writing a book review send you racing to the hills? – I can see plenty of you nodding in agreement.

WHAT holds you back?

Reading Soft edge

6 common replies:

I can’t write.

I can’t write paragraphs about a book.

I don’t know what to write.

I’m afraid of what people will think of my review.

I’m an author and don’t want a backlash on my own books.

I don’t have the time.

Let’s turn this around

I can’t write – I bet if you can read, you can write.

I can’t write paragraphs about a book – Good News, Amazon accepts one sentence reviews now as do many other sites.

I don’t know what to write – Ah! Quick Question – Why did you like or Dislike…

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Why Silence is So Good For Your Brain


We live in a loud and distracting world, where silence is increasingly difficult to come by and that may be negatively affecting our health.

In fact, a 2011 World Health Organization report called noise pollution a “modern plague,” concluding that “there is overwhelming evidence that exposure to environmental noise has adverse effects on the health of the population.”

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Book Marketing Essentials: Positioning your Work

Nicholas C. Rossis

Myconos | From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children's booksFor my day job, I’ve been reading some marketing material, pertaining to tourism. Then it struck me; what they were saying made perfect sense for book marketing as well. Just think of your book as a destination and your reader as a tourist looking for a unique experience.

The material I’m referring to was a study regarding positioning a Greek island as a holiday destination. Destination positioning, as the official term is, has to do with creating a distinctive place in the minds of potential tourists.

This positioning involves two variables:

  • Tourist satisfaction: what emotions did the experience create in the mind of the tourist?
  • Attribute satisfaction: were the individual’s desires and expectations met?

The author reaches the conclusion that a successful positioning strategy requires that the destination image and the specific product attributes that satisfy the customer should match as perfectly as possible. Indeed, a wrong destination…

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Planets_and_moons_ground_corn_field_Montage_poppy_wildflower_800x600The Moon goes into Void of Course on 20 June at 7:02am which means the Moon will be traveling out of Sagittarius and into another Astrological Sign

As the Moon travels in its Void of Course No Magick Work is preformed until the Moon settles in at its next destination of Capricorn which will be 20 June at 7:55am Eastern Time

When the Summer Solstice begins on 20 June at 6:34pm ET the Full Moon will be raging at Full Force in Capricorn

All that fresh new Capricorn Energy


This will be a time for some Practical Magick and a time to choose a Life Path

That from this moment on you will aim all your energy on that direction while you begin to soak up as much experience as possible

Go after that goal that has been lingering in the back of your mind for…

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Deadshot Mary: a 1930s Undercover Cop Superstar

Nicholas C. Rossis

A couple of days ago, I mentioned one of the greatest fences of all times, Marl Madelbaum. Today I’ll introduce you to a counterpart of hers, “Deadshot” Mary Shanley, an early 20th century undercover supercop. Hadley Meares of Atlas Obscura has unearthed the story of this fascinating woman.

Women’s beats

“Deadshot” Mary Shanley | From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children's books Mary Shanley, 1937. (Photo: Library of Congress/LC-USZ62-134714)

“Deadshot” Mary Shanley was born in Ireland in 1896. Her family immigrated to America, and in 1931, Mary joined the NYPD. This was an unusual step for a woman of her time, though not unheard of.

During the first half of the 20th century, policewomen in America often worked undercover, on so-called “women’s beats.” “They are called upon regularly to trail or trap mashers, shoplifters, pickpockets and fortune-tellers; to impersonate drug addicts and hardened convicts, to expose criminal medical practice, find lost persons, guide girls in trouble, break up fake…

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New York’s First Female Crime Boss Started Her Own Crime School

I’ve always been interested in the underbelly of history and loved reading this piece of the past.

Nicholas C. Rossis

Queen of Thieves | From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children's booksOrganized crime in New York is often portrayed as a boy’s game, but one of the first and most influential crime bosses in the history of the city was a Prussian immigrant known as “Mother” or “Marm” Mandelbaum.

Eric Grundhauser recently shared her fascinating story on Atlas Obscura, as did Sarah Breger in forward.com, based on Queen of Thieves: The True Story of “Marm” Mandelbaum and Her Gangs of New York” by J. North Conway.

The Queen of Fences

Marm Mandelbaum | From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children's books Mandelbaum as portrayed in a political cartoon (Photo: Library of Congress/LC-DIG-ppmsca-28344)

Marm (Fredericka) Mandelbaum, also called “The Queen of Fences,” was an imperious and powerful woman who became one of the most well-connected criminal figures of her day, buying stolen goods and reselling them, financing criminal endeavors, and even creating a school for young criminals.

Increasing restrictions against Jews in Germany brought Mandelbaum to…

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18 Things To Do Whilst Waiting For a Writing Breakthrough #Amwriting #writer


Things To Do Whilst WaitingFor a Writing Breakthrough

Let’s all be honest with each other – we are all secretly waiting for a writing breakthrough!

We are all grafting away with our creative projects, occasionally looking up to wonder when that unexpected and amazing literary development will happen, catapulting us up to the next level.

Breakthroughs can be big or small. They can make you smile, cry or shriek with joy and come after months, possibly years, of hard slog.

Some examples of writing breakthroughs are listed below.

  • A victory in a writing competition.
  • Finally completing your novel and sending it off.
  • Writing something your beta-readers actually like.
  • Getting a positive response to a query letter.
  • Getting trapped in a lift for hours with a literary agent.
  • A publishing bidding war erupting over your novel.
  • Selling the film rights to your novel.
  • Being hailed as a ‘literary genius’

Whilst we are waiting we can prepare ourselves for these…

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What I (don’t) know about #writing

Two on a Rant

Here are a fewdingleberrysnuggets of wisdom that every new writer needs to know:

  1. A writer lives to write.  Period.  If you write for any other reason, please do everyone a favor and get a prescription for Prozac immediately.
  2. If deadlines are your constant companions, they’re not compatible with cats.
  3. Writing is easy.  Accepting constructive criticism makes you a better writer.  But the reaction you have after your editor says you must remove your favorite chapter?  That’s God’s way of telling you that you have not yet learned to forgive.
  4. Not everyone is going to like your book.  As an example, my book is fun to read…who wouldn’t like it?  I was in Wal-Mart’s vegetable section when a friend told me she couldn’t read past the first sex scene.
  5. There are over 29 million books on Amazon.  For my first book, I chose to do my own marketing.  It’s like trying to…

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Things You Worry About Whilst Reading a Book Series #SundayBlogShare #lovebooks #reader


Things You Worry About Whilst Enjoying a Book Series

  1. The author will get bored and not write the rest of the series. You make it your personal mission to remind the author daily via social media that they have committed and loyal fans who want to see the series finished.
  2. The author becomes unwell mid series and this delays books three and four. As a back up plan you have a box of tinned Chicken Soup, some fluffy slippers and a heartfelt ‘get well soon…but keep writing!’ card ready to be sent out.
  3. You worry the author will kill off a much-loved character. In book series emotional character attachments are stronger and more powerful than in single novels.
  4. Someone around you will let slip what happens in later books in the series. You feel like wearing a sign with the words ‘I don’t want to know what happens in book two!’ 
  5. Your depression – which will start once you…

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Happy (Greek Orthodox) Easter

I’m not this by the books about it, but this description is the best description I’ve seen by far.

Nicholas C. Rossis

Tonight at midnight we celebrate Greek Orthodox Easter. I hope you’ll excuse me if I reblog last year’s post on what today is all about, and that you’ll enjoy the post!

From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children's books from findingtimetowrite.wordpress.com

Tomorrow is the Greek Orthodox Easter. Pretty much the same as that celebrated by any other Christian denomination, you may think, and you would be partly right. For, you see, Easter is a really big deal over here. Bigger than Christmas (I can practically hear the gasps).

Following forty days of lent, when many people give up meat (and fast-food and even souvlaki joints offer veggie or seafood alternatives), it all kicks off with Palm Sunday – a week before Easter. Church-goers are treated to handmade palm crosses and liberally scattered bay leaves. These are meant to remind us of Jesus’ triumphant entrance to Jerusalem. They are taken home, as a blessing.

Monday and Tuesday have morning and evening services…

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Bloggers Bash – The Ultimate FAQ

Sacha Black

ABBA 2016We have been asked a number of questions on the Bash, most of which are similar to each other. So we thought we would round them all up and pop them in a post all together.

If you have any more questions that haven’t been answered here, let us know and I will add them to this post and pop them on the Bloggers Bash page.

So without further ado here are the Bash’s FAQs

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Things I Wish I Knew: Navigating Publishing Contracts

Another article worth sharing.

Carly Watters, Literary Agent Blog

Woman's hand signing documents

I’m obviously pro-agent. I believe we add huge value to a writer’s career in all areas, but most importantly protecting their intellectual property rights through their contracts. However, sometimes writers get into contract situations without an agent and don’t know what to do. Or, some writers like to learn about the business side of things. This post is for you.

Susan Spann is a publishing law attorney and hosts a Wednesday information session on Twitter called #PubLaw where you can follow along with the hashtag. (Do it!) I’ve been following, and retweeting, her #PubLaw advice for a couple years now and I think you’ll find this edition of “Things I Wish I Knew” extremely helpful on the contracts side of things. I’ve asked her a number of questions about contracts as well as what happens when a writer gets a contract and doesn’t have an agent: what should they do? Read on…

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7 Tips to Create Your Perfect Author Newsletter

Sacha Black

Author NewsletterI hear parrots squawking the same mantra constantly: “Hear Ye! Hear Ye! The best way to drive book sales is through a subscriber list.”

Its that thing where you: create a newsletter, do book updates, bonus content and give your hard work away for free.

If you got books to sell, you need that list.

This made me do one of those gut busting groans. Seriously? I spend enough time writing posts instead of my novel, do I actually have to add something else to my seven hundred and forty-eight page to do list?

Apparently I do, and that means you do too.

I heard that message loud and clear, especially as I’ll be releasing books this year. So I made a subscriber list one of my goals and I’ve been busy rolling up my ‘bonus content’ sleeves. Finally I’ve created one and it’s ready and chock full of just that: bonus content, round ups, writers tools, recommendations, writing inspiration…

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Accepting You Are 100% Responsible For Making Your Writing Dreams Happen #SundayBlogShare #writers


Taking Responsibility For Your Own Writing Dreams-4

This situation can really ruffle your writing feathers. Its only taken me 18 months to accept this.

  1. Newbie Writer Dream Euphoria. You are a fresh faced newbie writer with a head full of writing dreams. They mainly involve you turning into some best selling novelist overnight, rushing through airports in dark shades and undertaking international book signings. Your glittering literary career will start to take shape the second you get your writing out there – sigh!  You press ‘publish’ on your first blog post, showcasing your latest bit of flash fiction, lie back and watch your phone like a hawk.
  2. Await the arrival of a magical creature. Things haven’t gone according to plan with your glittering literary career. You are sticking everything in your writing folder on your blog but sadly the only response you have had is a handful of likes and a few spam emails about some steamy bedroom activities. You…

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