Bloggers Behaving Badly

Suzie Speaks


Last month I published a post about the idea of ‘Blog Envy,’ which discussed ways in which we naturally feel envious of other blogs, and bloggers. During the comments that followed it was suggested that I examine the opposite – content that could be considered to be poor. While it’s an interesting idea, it’s far too controversial for my liking – the beauty of the blogging world is that it is an open forum to discuss whatever subject the author chooses, and there is no right or wrong way to do so.

However, it did get me thinking about the bloggers behind the posts. While I’ve had predominantly hugely positive experiences with the community, the longer I spend in the blogosphere the more I notice behaviour that I would contribute to what is often referred to as ‘The Dark Side’ of blogging, and I’ve spent the last few weeks collating…

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Let’s hear it for our BFFs – Bacterial Friends and Foes

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine


As you will see from the two excerpts from articles that have been published recently bacteria is both a friend and a foe.

All creatures, including of course humans, have an amazingly complex but effective system to distinguish between the two, and to ensure that we don’t come to harm. It is our Immune System.

This system has been evolving over hundreds of thousands of years and developing strategies to protect us every time it met with a new threat. This is often; as germs mutate when they meet resistance and our software needs frequent updating.

The majority of the bacteria in our body is designed to be there. These are the friendlies and our home defence team. Without a gut teeming with them many of our systems would grind to a halt, our brains would not function and our blood would uselessly circulate our bodies without anything to transport…

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Social Media for Authors: Where to Find New Content to Post

readers+writers journal

How to Find New Content for Social MediaIf you’re an author active on social media, you know that sharing nothing but “BUY MY BOOK” on Twitter, Facebook or other platform isn’t effective. Constant self-promotion turns off followers and gets boring. To really succeed on social media, you should mix your promotional tweets with re-tweets and new content. But where do you find interesting, relevant content on the web to share on social media?

How often to Tweet Twitter Fact: Limit Your Tweets to 5 a Day for Maximum Impact

Where to Find Content to Share on Social Media

Fromapps to feed aggregators, you can find great content to share – content that istailored to your interests and those of your followers. If you know where to look and which apps to download, you can be sharing helpful, relevant links in no time.

Hootsuite Suggestions is a free app that “analyzes your posting history on Twitter and recommends articles that are relevant…

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Author Tip: How to Brand Yourself

Mundus Media Ink

How to Brand Yourself

by Michelle Rene Goodhew

Your author platform will be based on your brand and your brand stems from who you are, how you present yourself and how you are perceived.

Your platform begins with you and you ultimately define your brand. Your brand must start with you and stay true to you.  Your brand is you, heart and soul.

Some people find this part of branding the most difficult. Figuring out how to see yourself as a brand can seem hard to grasp at first but is actually really easy.

You are a fascinating person with all kinds of interesting aspects of yourself that are unique and can be added into your author brand.

What you look like, what you wear, how you pose for pictures, these all can be inviting portions of your brand. Are you fun, are you approachable, and are your interests interesting. What you read makes…

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Thoughts on Publishing – Starting a Publishing Imprint

I’m Canadian, but there was still a lot of useful information in this article.

Stephanie Flint - Author and Artist

A couple days ago I was talking with an author friend, and they asked about the process of how my husband and I started Infinitas Publishing. I typed up a response, then realized that other people might also find this information useful. So here it is… the basics of how my husband and I started a business.

IMPORTANT: I am not a lawyer nor am I certified in taxes, so please do not take this as legal advice. These are just my experiences thus far, and are meant to be useful in figuring out what steps you may need to take.

Also note that this process varies depending on your location and the kind of business you want to start. This particular post is tailored to my experiences starting a publishing imprint in Missouri, in the United States of America. (Business law varies from state to state).

Choosing a Name

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10 Reasons Why People Who #Read #Books Are More Successful…

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog


In a world dominated by gadgets and social media, Americans don’t read nearly as much as they should. In fact, statistics cite that 33 percent of high school graduates never read another book after finishing school, and a whopping 42 percent of college graduates join them four years down the road.

That means those who do read have an immediate advantage over nearly half the population. Influencing skills can make or break just about any business dealings and reading is the most popular way people learn to influence others. No matter your plans in life, reading is going to help you get there directly or indirectly.

Here are 10 reasons why people who read are more successful:


1. Reading improves mental dexterity.

Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body. Researchers have found that stimulating the brain in the way that reading does can actually…

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4 Easy Steps to Seriously Awesome Blog Post Photos

Sacha Black

4 Easy Steps To Awesome Blog Post PhotosBlog post pictures. They are, if you don’t know how to do them, a bit of a mystery.

I have had a couple of lovely compliments recently about the photos I use to start my posts, (thank you, and blush!). But what it’s resulted in, is me sharing my photo tweaking knowledge with others. So I thought it might be useful to share that knowledge with everyone else.

If you would like to know how to make photos like mine, or ones in your own style, then read on.

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10 Learnings Over 4 Years of Publishing

...and then there was Sarah

Become-a-writerI published my first book, St. Charles at Dusk, on September 26th, 2011. Four years have passed, and with them, more learnings than I could ever fully wrap my mind around. In those early days, I was a woman alone on an island, getting all my advice from Google. I didn’t know a single other author who had published their work.

Flash forward four years. I’m no longer a woman alone on an island, but one surrounded by hundreds of authors, thousands of readers, and years of experience (with many years still ahead). I have seventeen original titles out (and numerous boxed sets), and an endless quantity of ideas. I’ve been lauded by esteemed authors, and appeared on the USA Today Bestsellers list, twice. I’m nowhere near an expert, and far from perfect. I’ve had successes and setbacks, like any author, and I move forward knowing I’ll have more of both…

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Constructive Criticism

The Honest Courtesan

I have a great relationship with my girlfriend, but her fellatio has never been satisfying to me.  Is there a loving, respectful way to discuss sexual performance with a partner so that it becomes more satisfying?  She’s wonderful and deliciously devoid of hang ups, but I have to become more skilled at guiding her to what will satisfy me.

WRONG WRONG WRONG!People need feedback in order to improve their techniques at anything, and sex is not an exception.  However, since most people tend to be shy (to one degree or another) about sexual talk, it’s entirely possible for a person to make it well into adulthood without ever having received any kind of helpful feedback about sexual technique.  This is bad for two reasons:  first, the person may continue in some bad habit that could easily have been corrected if discovered in the teens or early twenties; and second, the person may well assume…

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Wow, That Was Fast!

Blargle Splect: Writerly Musings & Blather

And we’re back.

A lot faster than I had originally expected too. Kind of makes my head spin all the stuff that’s gone down in the last few days to make this possible. I did so much more running around town than I’m used to, got so much more exercise and sunlight!

And absolutely no writing done.

Some people can write a bunch of novels and have brilliant and involved lives complete with kids and friends and two or three jobs. I’m the hermitage type that can be alone in the woods for years and still only crank out a single novel or two. I want to be faster and more dedicated but it’s time to face facts, that’s not how this works for me.

Now things are back to normal-ish and I’d love to promise I’ll finish up “Tasting Ash” this month and move onto formatting but I know…

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7 Ways to Begin Your Plot Process

Jens Thoughts

There is plenty of controversy concerning outlining or pantsing, but if you plan even a little bit, you’ll enjoy this infographic.

I have written with and without and outline, and although my outline was more a beat sheet with scene to scene blurbs I found it helped me stay on track. The times my creativity gave the outline a solid smack and moved it out of the way, it was easy to tweak my scenes. I personally didn’t feel in inhibited at all. Instead, I felt it boosted my creativity. Who woulda thunk it?? 🙂

Easy Outline

Until Next Time…

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