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The space to write

Boomerang Zone

There is a small window of time in which our eyes capture the opening to a story like we capture that one look in each other’s eyes that tells us we are falling for each other. That one quiet moment that leads to a knowing smile, a kiss, or more. That one quiet moment also starts my writing spurt.

That is my space.

In my mind.

You can sit down and write anywhere but if your heart and soul are not into it you do not get any words on paper. You can be surrounded by the most intriguing people and be fascinated by what they wear, say, or sing. But that doesn’t mean that you can translate your sensations into words. That translation moment is my writing space.

Your senses can get overloaded with smells, sounds, dreams, and visuals. They all lead to the urge to jot down sentences or…

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