How to establish a Copyright…

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How to Establish a Copyright

The copyright designation signifies an original work.
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You automatically establish a copyright in your original work when you put it in a tangible form. While formal registration with the United States Copyright Office is not required, it does give you important advantages in the event someone uses your work without your authorization.

Copyrights Are Automatic

  • You secure a copyright for your original work of authorship the moment you put it in tangible form. While there is no copyright in an idea or concept, once that idea or concept takes shape in a tangible expression, a copyright is secured for that expression. The copyright law calls it an “original work.” You establish copyright in original works such as literary pieces, musical…

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How to add the license widget to your sidebar

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A loyal reader of my blog asked me yesterday how I added the license widget to my sidebar. Since there might be others who are eventually interested in how to do that, I decided to take the time and publish a step-by-step guide.

Now: Please remember that you might have chosen another theme for your blog. Therefore don’t count on the image dimension or font size that’s given within this guide. These dimensions are for my blog and picture size to match the theme.

All right: Let’s get started:

1. Download the license .jpg to your computer picture library.


2. Go to your WordPress “Admin” Page and click “Appearance”.

3. Then pick “Widgets” and scroll down to “Image”.


4. Click on the “Image” button and drag it up to the sidebar. Place it where you want the license to appear.


5. Click onto the “Image” button to open the widget, by using…

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Have a Cookie

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I’m the very opposite of a techno wizard. In fact I’m just like most other scribblers out there in that at various steps along my Indie publishing way I have to take large chunks of time away from my writing to learn something computer, online, or software related. Lately it’s occurred to me that there’s a new bit of knowledge that needs to be added to the modern author’s toolbox. Whether traditionally published or Indie we all get to advertise our own work these days. We spend lots of time on the internet researching, promoting, and interacting with other people, including other authors on various platforms. We zoom off and buy things online. All sorts of things from foods to crockery, clothing and books. All this zooming leaves a trail on your computer which you can access by viewing your History in your browser, and really shouldn’t be anyone’s business…

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Settling in Tucson (& a lack of shows)

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Originally posted on the former Nostrovia! Tavern:
From Albuquerque to Salt Lake City to Tucson The road to Portland/Seattle split in Salt Lake City.  Our vehicle and a lack of shows sapped our finances. For a car older than us, 8000 miles in two months isn’t something to complain about, but without funds to continue repairing…

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Hello and good afternoon

I just want to take this opportunity to thank all the wonderful bloggers out there that have allowed me to repost their blog articles.  With out them this place would be a barren wasteland of emptiness.  Sadly, for the time being there will be more reposts than there will be original content.

A writer’s rant

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Dear WordPress,

Yes, it’s me again. Well, what did you expect? Reindeer?

First, let me thank you for providing what is, in my humble opinion, the best blogging platform out there with what has to be the best blogging community you could wish for.

Second… WordPress, we have a problem.

Well, several actually.


For starters, let me ask… have you been playing at happiness engineering again? I do wish you wouldn’t. In fact, most of us wish you wouldn’t to judge by the comments when you do. Even worse, we ever know what’s coming until the usual batch of oddities start occurring. Like bloggers who disappear from our notifications… notifications that cease arriving. Notifications tabs that ‘forget’ to let us know about comments. Readers who get in touch to check you are okay because they haven’t had any notifications either… regardless of the fact you haven’t missed posting…

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No author is an island …

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I finished reading a book on marketing that, while good, worthwhile, and filled with lots of ideas and information (much of which I already use) to get your book out there and selling, it fell short, in my estimation.

Yes, it discussed the importance of building a fan base and giving fans what they want, and it also suggested one way of developing your career as being to call on others more experienced in your field and essentially “use” them and their influence to get ahead (something I didn’t particularly agree with).


But where the book fell short was in not once mentioning the importance of “promoting the writing and books of other authors” or in working with other authors to create a community in which all can thrive. Authors who read and follow the advice in this book will come out looking like lone wolves grasping after sales alone…

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