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Settling in Tucson (& a lack of shows)

These guys seem to be having a wild adventure.

the former Nostrovia! Tavern

IMG_2916From Albuquerque to Salt Lake City to Tucson

The road to Portland/Seattle split in Salt Lake City.  Our vehicle and a lack of shows sapped our finances.

For a car older than us, 8000 miles in two months isn’t something to complain about, but without funds to continue repairing as needed, & with our ability to settle ‘smoothly’ gambled on our ride, we weren’t willing to risk next year’s financial responsibilities, towards Nostrovia! + upcoming shows on the road.

With reluctance, we gas jugged back down to Tucson, to settle in, organize some new jazz, & prepare for 2016’s roads & shows.

IMG_2914Books & Shovels’s last post covered the events that lead up to our return to Albuquerque’s jittering hands.  After replacing the cv axle, & repairing our bodies, we dropped James off at a Greyhound station to chase love in Las Cruces.  Neeko + Hapgood + I pulled out of…

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