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What’s in a Name – ‘G’ For Grace – A Christmas short story

The ending put a smile on my face.

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As you are reading this I will be on a plane to visit my family in Ireland. I will be online later today and hope that you enjoy this week’s What’s in a name….

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What’s in a name – ‘G’ for Grace – A Christmas short story

It was Grace’s fifth birthday and the staff at the council run orphanage had made sure that there was an iced cake for tea and some small wrapped presents beside the plastic yellow plate. The children sat at tables for ten boys and ten girls and meal times were expected to be conducted in silence. This rule was however broken on birthdays, when all fifty children would stand up and sing Happy Birthday enthusiastically in the hopes of receiving a thin slice of the oblong sponge cake.

Grace sat in silence as the noise erupted around her and gently fingered the blue and…

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