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Trauma, subpersonalities, the lie and constant change. Musings for the years end.

Everything Matters

Some traumatic experiences are such that there is no one who is equipped to help us heal. This is okay. We can still find ways to heal. The village will be involved, but it’s unlikely that any one person will know how to meet our needs.

What is not OK is when we are told we must get help from this or that professional because sometimes (with some frequency) those professionals are hacks to our trauma.

Healing, more than anything, becomes an exercise in learning to trust oneself. This is especially important when there are people about who want to force us to do things that are counterproductive to healing. Unfortunately the medical and psychological establishments perpetuates many such treatments.

My village has been patch-worked together from all over the world. I’m profoundly grateful for the internet given I would not have healed otherwise.

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