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Create – Teach – Motivate (Week 3)

Crone Confidence


What motivates you?

Is it joy and happiness, the love of another? Or is it frustration, anger or the need for justice?

There are many paths to motivation, but to create action from that motivation, to actually do something about it, there is two components that are needed in order to ignite that impulse.

Clarity + Emotion = Motivation

Clarity gives you the why and puts you on the right path. Emotion gives you the fuel to move you along that path.

But beware. This equation, when altered can create very different kinds of motivation. Here are a couple of scenarios of how they could play out.

Clarity + positive emotions = hope, excitement, possibilities and dreams.

Clarity + negative emotions = jealousy, hate, guilt, shame.

Emotions without clarity = hopelessness, despair, confusion.

Below is a older post that I hope motivates a little personal power in you. Because in the end…

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