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How To Survive Living With A Writer At Christmas #SundayBlogShare #Christmas #ASMSG #AmWriting


It’s not easy living with a writer. They are peculiar creatures and sometimes have to be handled with care.

Here are my top tips on how to survive living with a writer at Christmas:

  1. Ban the following words over Christmas to keep your writer’s spirits up; rewritetypo, adverbs and synopsis.
  2. Make sure you have given careful thought to all book gifts. For a harmonious festive period DON’T present your writer with the latest book from the author they constantly compare themselves to. If you do this Christmas will turn into one long critiquing session, which will end with your writer racing into a room with a handmade doll, weirdly resembling the author and a packet of little pins. All hope of peace and goodwill over the festive period will sadly vanish.
  3. If you are planning to give your writer a book or a selection of books as a…

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