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3 Important Things All Writers Need to Learn In Their First Year

Meg Dowell Writes

Being a new aspiring writer is terrifying.

It’s also extremely difficult.

Many writers don’t make it past their first year — not because there isn’t plenty of advice out there on how to succeed, but because they lack patience, discipline, and self-worth — things you don’t always realize are important as a writer until they’re the weights dragging you down.

These are some of the most important things new writers should learn in their first year. Not how to get more traffic or followers or money, but how to survive the most common hangups that prompt new writers to quit too soon.

Never expect instant gratification after doing anything

One of the reasons many writers quit not long after they start is their unrealistic need for instant gratification. They start a blog on June 1 and quit on June 30 because they don’t have millions of clicks or thousands of…

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